Steve Allen

Steve spent the first 17 years of his adult life in the ministry, serving churches in San Antonio, Georgia and in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He left full time church ministry in 2000 and that’s was when his real education began. He worked in retail management with Lowe’s and Home Depot and spent 10 years working in management with the city of Arlington. During this time, he learned more about people’s hearts and the emotional and physical needs of people than in his previous time in ministry. Steve has always had a heart for those people in our world that often get ignored. Since his early days in ministry, he has spent much of his time volunteering himself or leading others to go work with the homeless community or reaching out to the poor. He was invited to join the staff of Christ Church in 2017 working with small groups and community engagement. His passions are creating and building, whether that be building organizations, ministries or working in his workshop and yard. Beyond his staff position at Christ Church, he currently serves as President of the Board of Directors with the Irving Community Action Network (ICAN), an organization made up of dozens of non-profits in Irving who have a desire to make a difference in their city. He is also on the Advisory Board of Level Pathways, a non-profit organization in Irving dedicated to ending teen homelessness.

Steve has known David and Maria Stenson, from a distance, for several years through their ties to Christ Church. In early 2020, as the Covid-19 pandemic hit, he saw they were launching a new venture, the EETZ App. He saw their massive heart for people and their entrepreneurial spirit as they turned this dark time for many into an opportunity to change lives, giving jobs to the unemployed, feeding the homeless and those struggling to find their next meal. He is excited to take his passions and love for people to work alongside the Stenson’s as they continue to feed the hungry and work to solve the horrible waste of food in our society– while one in six Americans go hungry every day.

Steve finds his grounding in spending regular time in the Bible and spending time with God while listening to the great Bruce Springsteen or his newest blues playlist. His best times are spent with Laura, the love of his life, their six kids and their one adorable granddaughter.

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