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Maria Stenson
Founder and Chief Evangelist

Maria cut her teeth in sales and marketing at L'Oreal where David Greenberg called her "un-stoppable" -  yes these were his exact words!

Over the past 15 years Maria continued working in marketing, educational, and community non-profit roles that helped her gain a unique perspective on the role social media platforms and technology can play in solving food distribution inefficiencies. What started as a small project with a few friends so that her 14 yr old daughter Sofia could start a small business and sell her cakes on the internet (via the EETZ mobile app) - while also keeping her safe on the internet - she and Sofia have made national headlines by helping benefit thousands of people out-of-work during the pandemic. Maria believes in her heart that by working together in our communities we can make a big difference and invent a more effective food distribution platform. This is her dream and EETZapp allows her to combine the passion to do something in the community 'with a purpose' and the most modern mobile technologies that will help solve the problem of food distribution and food waste once and for all. Maria has found a balance between work and faith and loves what she does everyday 🙂 
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Sofia Stenson
CiO-Chief Inspirational Officer

Don't let that small 'i' in CiO fool you, what Sofia lacks in age and experience is made up by her passion to bake and serve - the community!

Still only 14 years old Sofi has been donating to the Irving and Dallas homeless community her very special 'baked up with love' Bundt cakes, brownies and cookies - since she was 10 years old. Sofia is one of our 6 motivational joys and an inspiration to our family ...and it doesn't hurt that she makes an absolute killer cream cheese frosting! Sofia is also the reason we started EETZ App...  
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Juan Ovalle
Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Full-stack developer with a head for coding and a heart for social issues, Juan manages the developer team and implementation cycle.

An avid learner, Juan is combining the latest open-source, HTML, CSS, JQuery, NodeJS, MySQL and Hadoop tooling with social media 'growth hacks'....

Previous to EETZ Juan has managed teams of up to 19 developers implementing payment gateways, ERPs and developing mobile apps. An avid learner Juan completed his MBA last year....hard working and up-to-date on all the latest open source tools... oh yes, we love him for his brain and for being the gentle giant he is!
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Candy Espaillat
Co-founder and General Counsel

Candy brings her extensive experience in CX design and implementation of the latest mobile app features and social media strategies to EETZ without borders...

Candy is also a practicing attorney and involved in the day to day operations. 

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Steve Allen
Board Member

Steve spent the first 17 years of his adult life in the ministry, serving churches in San Antonio, Georgia and in the Dallas-Fort Worth area where he learned the importance of creating a balance between emotional, physical and spiritual human needs. Much of that time was spent volunteering or leading others to benefit the homeless and poor.

Now Steve is President of the Board of the Irving Community Action Network (ICAN) and is on the Advisory Board of Level Pathways, a non-profit organization in Irving dedicated to ending teen homelessness. Steve met Maria and her family several years ago through his ministry at Christ Church. In early 2020, as the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Steve supported them on their new venture called EETZ App and watched as their massive heart for people and entrepreneurial spirit turned a dark time for many into an opportunity to change lives: giving jobs to the unemployed, feeding the homeless and providing help to those struggling to feed their families. Steve is excited to join the team and help guide the Stenson’s as they continue to feed the hungry and take on the excessive food waste in our society. Steve knows that one in six Americans go hungry every day and he’s excited that EETZ is using their app to tackle the problem head-on.
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ICAN Website
Gaby and Benji Garcia

Over the last 10+ years Gaby and Benji have been working with cutting-edge technologies at some of the largest technology companies on the planet.

Today they are helping us build a more socially responsible foodie community. 

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Michelle and Rudy Nickleberry - Drew
Board Members

Michelle and Rudy (Nickleberry Drew) have been involved in Ministry work for many years: organizing community health fairs, providing free mammograms to 100+ women in the Pleasant Grove community, and most recently providing food to 15k families in the Greater Dallas and Marion Counties during the pandemic. Michelle started her career as a Dallas police officer and over the past 30 years has continued to be involved in the community by providing instruction to women (and men too) on self-defense, guns, and protecting oneself and property through her company teaching defensive strategies (E3). 

Drew finished studied Electrical Engineering at DeVry and Michelle has her Masters from Dallas Baptist University. In their own words: "We follow God without abandon, obediently and unapologetically.  We are passionate about EETZ Rescue and the impact that will be felt around the world.  It is our belief that God is directing EETZ Rescue to play a valuable role in combating hunger in the world and food waste simultaneously."
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Chris & Nicole Gulati

As Chris and Nicole said to us when they decided to invest..."Nicole and I are investing because we 'hate' food waste...and EETZ is doing something about it...this is the kind of example we want to pass on to our kids and the way we see it's not enough to just care about a social or environment have to put your money where your mouth is"

Lidya Winnie
Dir. Community Outreach

Lidya is a graduate of Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, TX and has her own business (you can check out the great write up she received in D Magazine via the link below). She is also passionate about feeding people and loves the idea of further impacting people outside of Dallas so..... so she decided to come on board to help us grow - and we are honored!

If you are one of the lucky ones contacted by might just love what she has to say too!

D MagazineCompany founder
Renick Hall
Chief Accelerator Officer

We recently met Renick through a mutual friend who also loves our mission! 

Renick is helping out by bringing her experience and network to accelerate our new mobile app go-to-market 

Very excited to have her on board!!


Angelica Mora
Community & Brand Manager

Angy brings tremendous experience and local contacts from her time working on the Trammel Crow EarthX team.

We are excited to have her help as we expand outreach into new markets.

David Stenson

Technology professional with 20+ years developing cutting edge integration and mobile apps with companies such as iBasis, Fonet, Rackspace and Oracle.  Having lived outside the US for 14 years, David brings a unique perspective of what can be achieved by combining the latest technology trends with demand created in undeserved markets.




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